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  • Feb 2024, 11:17 AM

Benji: Your earnings dashboard

Welcome to Benji - the revolutionary app designed exclusively for the online entrepreneur and gig economy worker. In a world where multiple streams of internet income are the new normal, Benji is your smart companion for financial management, focusing on what matters most - your earnings!


Earnings-Focused Dashboard:

Aggregate Earnings: Automatically combines all your online income sources into one sleek dashboard. Whether you're a freelancer, content creator, or gig worker, see all your earnings at a glance.
Real-Time Tracking: Stay updated with live earnings data. Watch your income grow and understand your most profitable ventures.
Spend Smarter: 


Expense Tracking: Benji doesn’t just track earnings. Monitor your spending with our intuitive interface, making budgeting simple and stress-free.

Tax Write-Offs Simplified: Tag expenses like gas and travel as write-offs. Come tax season, you're organized and ready, saving you time and money.

Key Features:


Intuitive Design: A user-friendly interface designed for ease and efficiency.

Secure & Reliable: Your data is protected with industry-leading security measures.

Insightful Reports: Get personalized reports that help you understand your financial health.

Empower Your Entrepreneurial Journey:


Benji is more than just an app it's your financial ally. Embrace the gig and creator economy with the tool that understands your unique financial landscape.

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